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The joy and anxiety of being a teenager

The joy and anxiety of being a teenager

After five years of failing to live up to its own reputation, Pixar regains some of its sparkle with Inside Out 2

MOVIE | Angel Studios film portrays authentic faith amid a small town’s adoption efforts

MOVIE | Pixar depicts with refreshing honesty a young teenage girl grappling with her desire to fit in

MOVIE | Story about 1960s motorcycle gang members searching for belonging offers tension but little resolution


MOVIE | Visually spectacular Godzilla film dives deep into beliefs about sacrifice and survival

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Ishana Night Shyamalan shines in her debut but a new direction for Star Wars tarnishes the brand

The Wizard of Oz and Stagecoach expanded the art form by excellent storytelling coupled with innovations in color and sound

The Garfield Movie and Sight both make missteps while possessing commendable elements

DOCUMENTARY | Dedication and discipline are key virtues for the Navy’s elite blue-and-gold flyers