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The country’s Hindu nationalist party is expected to hold on to power

IN THE NEWS | Abortion politics divide Republicans in Arizona and beyond

Former President Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson call for a nationwide crackdown

BOOKS | An old-style mystery in a contemporary setting

Uri Berliner’s criticism of the liberal slant of NPR exposes a lack of self-awareness of ideological constraint

TELEVISION | Series about a Founding Father’s diplomacy in France fixates on romantic liaisons

WORLD Watch | Top Story

The world’s largest election begins in India

Magazine Vol. 39, No. 9
May 4, 2024 | Vol. 39 No. 9
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R. Albert Mohler Jr. | A controversy at NPR reveals the scandal of the elite media class

Sharon Dierberger, Emma Freire | Does Christian nationalism hold the key to the country’s past—and its future?

Bethel McGrew | Elites finally admit abortion is murder—and they do not care

William Inboden | Iran crosses a threshold by launching a massive direct attack against Israel

“The Dirty Dozen” list exposes platforms that enable predators to exploit children

Barton J. Gingerich | Evangelical leaders shouldn’t treat apostasy and transgenderism as laughing matters